I Can’t Say Goodbye

,,,,but like many things in life, one stands out from all the rest.

There are times that some people will be given the gift of the perfect friend. One who cares, who understands and in spite of all your flaws loves you and trusts you unconditionally. My friend was

Dameon Dauge AKA

Dameon, D Dog, DDT, Baby Boy, Little man, Little Big Man, Stud muffin, Trash Bug, Mr. Snuffeluffagus, Puss, Pussycat, Honey Bunny, Sugar Bugar, Dead Dog, Mr., Stud Muffin, Big Boy, Big Guy, Honeybunny, and Leader of the Club.

No bigger than a minute when he came into my life but, had the presence and spirit of a grand Arabian horse.

He had a mind of his own and would let you know with a raised eyebrow, a stretched neck or a flick of his tail, exactly what he wanted you to do. Dameon was the great observer, always up on something trying to look down on you. He patrolled his domain daily making sure no interlopers dared to trespass. He had an uncanny ability to choose the good people that came into my life and would be totally obnoxious with those that he did not approve of. One might say he was aloof, but when it was needed, there was always a little nuzzle on your neck, or a hairy chin on your hand to let you know he understood and assure you everything would be all right. He was there. He took his job as father and husband seriously and watched over mom and her babies until the day that the pups would start to chase him. Then it was time to get up on the back of a couch or chair and just watch, until they would get in trouble and then rush off to tattle tale on them.

My baby boy waited for me that rainy night in July and quietly died in my arms.  I gently rocked him until the sun came up and then he was taken away from me.  I’m not sure if my tears will ever ebb or the gaping hole in my heart will ever close. I look at his children, his grandchildren and his great grandchildren and while I can see flickers of the D Dog, I just can’t see him.

I miss him so much.  Not a day has gone by that I don’t call out for him, or think that this is something he would like or hope he will come in just to say it’s all right. I’m here.
I love you Dameon

Dameon and Norman also had a bond that was beautiful to watch. You see, Dameon picked Norman out to be the Daddy and my husband, and turned Norman into a “doggie person”.  Now Norman, never being around dogs before didn’t know Dameon was a little person and proceeded to turn him into a DOG!   Before my eyes, they would go out each morning, tend to the gardening and little chores around the house, Norman riding around on “the murrey” pulling the little red wagon and Dameon Dauge prancing right along side, making sure that all the jobs were done right.  They would come in for a drink and Dameon would be covered with half the leaves, twigs and thingies he had gone through in the yard, quite proud of looking just like a trash bug. Every night Norman would hold Dameon in his arms and sing the Mickey Mouse Song to him, changing the spelling to Dameon of course.  Then he would lean over, pick Dameon up over his head and give him a huge belly bubble… sending Dameon off on a 90 mile an hour sprint through the house!

The smile and the tears... for Dameon Dauge.

                     A star fell from the heavens, a star with a fuzzy face
                     A star that watched over and helped to guide me
                       As I walked my path seeking peace
                     He picked me the first time we met
                       No words spoken, we found each other
                       As he placed his face in my neck
D. . .A.. .M... E...O… N …   D… A… U... G… E ……………
                       We traveled so many miles without a night apart
                         He chose my friends, guarded his posts
                         And became the beat of my heart.
                         This test is too hard, the fight is all gone
                         You left me my friend
                           With a never healing wound in my heart
                       I see you every place I look
                           I hear you in every room I enter
                             I feel your presence and I hurt
                           Your light will burn bright
                             I will never let you go
                               You brought me life
                           My heart sill beats, does that mean you are still here?
                               I can still walk, does that mean you’ll lead the way?
                                 The tears are burning, I’m blinded with fear
                                 I need you to forgive me and not leave me alone
                                   I need a snuffle and a flip of the tail
                                   I need you baby boy…..I need you
D... A…  M… E...O… N…
       D…    A…    U.. .   G …   EEEeeeeee

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