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Ice Cubes


Upset Stomach

New Kid in the House


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Upset stomach

Puppy will get into things that will upset its stomach. Also bathing, grooming, and new situations can cause a loose stool. Just add plain boiled white rice to its food (one-half to three-fourths of a cup) and stools will firm right up. If the stool is watery, squirty, bloody or mucousy, take the puppy to the vet. It could be colitis, hookworm, whipworm, or Roundworms and the pup needs to be checked. Make sure you have no poisonous plants that your puppy can graze on such as Poinsettia, Oleander, Elephant Ear, or any plant that produces a white milky substance when its cut or when you snap a leaf off. Any of these can cause a puppy to become very ill, and if he/she has ingested enough, even death. Look out for mushrooms that can pop up overnight.  Police the area you are taking pup to go potty. Watch your puppy outside, he's very curious and can (and will) get into everything.

Ice Cubes

I do not give puppies water to drink in the house. They are little water fanatics and will inhale their whole bowl of water and not touch their food. Instead give them ice cubes….. It takes them a lot longer to lick them, their little bladders do not fill up as quickly, giving you plenty of time to get them outside. And they love to play with them. I am NOT saying no water, I am saying that full bowls of water produce wet drippy beards, swimming pools and slippery floors. A quarter of a cup of water with 2-3 ice cubes in the playpen is more than enough. You will be able to watch and time how long it takes to go through the pup.

Love Love Love Love

Have you loved your pup today? Give lots of love and praise. Your puppy really wants to please you and make you proud of him/her. A little love goes a long way.

New Kid in the House

Well, you told Schultz or Leibchein or Princess or Max that you were bringing them a new baby brother or sister.  Trust me, they didn't believe you. Yes they were perfect little ladies or gentleman when you took them to meet the new pup at my house but all of a sudden you have a snarling, growling, wild eyed strange animal that once was your beloved, acting like this pup is going to be his next meal!

Let's try to nip this in the bud as soon as possible. But be prepared, some type of harmony may not happen for 30 days and they may never be true "friends." We are going for tolerance now. You have to remember, your little person no longer thinks of themselves as a dog. (Yes, I used the "D" word".)

Have your playpen set up in advance of the new arrival.  As you place in a toy or a blanket talk to your dog and let them know that this is going to be puppy's new place. Get your new food bowls and put those in the playpen. Again telling your dog that this is puppy's place.

Put your night carrier in it's new spot, again reassuring your dog that this will be puppy's place. Make sure none of these spots are next to your dog’s favorite places.

The first meeting on the home turf will be outside.  You'll want to have a new toy or a special food treat for the older dog.  Let them think the new pup has brought it with them.  There will be a toy, cookies and stuffed animals in the puppy pack, if you don't see what you want, make sure you stop and pick up that something special.  Don't worry about the puppy, it is perfectly content grabbing a twig, a leaf or one of your petunias and taking off with it. You just want to concentrate now on how the older dog is reacting.  We may be concerned about nothing here and it's love at first sight.  But then it could be love at first bite. So take it slow.

Now we go into the house.  Pup will be in your arms and we will all go over to the playpen and put the pup in it to check it out. The older dog can now watch this interloper without doing any harm or it may just turn around, flick it's tail as if to say well, that's better and go on about it's business.

There is no reason for the pup to be on your floor for a few days, it will just go from the playpen to outside, from the carrier to outside and from quiet time in your arms to outside. Outside will always be in the company of the older dog. Puppy will pad after the older dog to try to play and make friends. What you are watching for is the older dog to want this special attention. As you see interest growing you will try to get some interaction going between them. Rolling a ball, tossing a toy and giving treats. Really praise the older dog as you see acceptance growing.  Don't put puppy in any of the older dogs' favorite places. If you watch TV and your dog always sits next to you on the couch then puppy should be in the playpen just watching you, or at the side of another member of the family. Remember this is an addition to the family, it should not take away from any of the daily habits. In time, the older dog will actually show the puppy around, start an interaction with the pup and just accept the pup. But this will be on the older dogs terms. The only times corrections are to be made with your older dog is if they are hurting the little one by playing too rough. Acting out if the pup goes by it's food dish (some things just have to be shared and food is one of them).  You may want to put the pups food bowl next to the older dogs with puppy food in it and let the 2 of them check out what the other has. This will only be done a few minutes at a time a couple of times a day.

The older dog should always have special times alone with you with constant reassurance that the little one is not there to replace them.

Now I've been talking about puppies coming into a home where one or 2 other dogs are living. You say you have a CAT!!!!!!!! Don't worry the cat can get on top of the refrigerator and the puppy never will. HAAAAAAAAAAAA
The only thing with a cat is that pup is NOT to share cat food.  It is not made for dogs.

Have I mentioned ?

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

Good, it can't be said enough!

Hope I've covered most of your questions.  Just remember the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask.  I'm here to help make your adjustment as easy as possible. Just ask.

Good luck with your new puppy, I am here whenever you need me. You can reach me by mail, Email or phone and I just love seeing pictures.

Best Wishes


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